Have a question about your account? Or are you experiencing technical problems with the platform? Then contact your care provider or the organization with which you are affiliated. You will find the contact details of the organization at the bottom of the platform.

Or take a look at the frequently asked questions on this support site.(Opens in new window) Perhaps your question is listed here.


When you log in, you will be taken to the homepage. This is the overview of your account. What can you see on this?

Cleaning your homepage

On the homepage you can choose to archive diaries/trackers or modules so that they are no longer visible. To do this, click on 'Manage homepage'.

You will then see a list of all your modules and diaries/trackers. Behind each module or diary/tracker is a button with 'Archive'. If you click on that, you will archive the module or diary/tracker and it will disappear from your homepage. You can also restore the archived tools by going to the 'Archived' list. and then click restore.


Would you like to get started with one of our modules or diaries/trackers? Minddistrict offers a catalogue where you can start one or more online modules or diaries/trackers yourself. Guidance from your therapist is not necessary for this. In your menu, go to 'Catalogue'; for the offer.

Click 'View' to read more about the module or journal. Click on 'Start'; if you want to start the training or the diary/tracker.


At 'Tasks' you will find all outstanding tasks of your account. You will receive a new task if, for example, your therapist has prepared a new module for you or if you have indicated in a module that you want to keep a diary/tracker.

Clicking on the task will open the module or diary/tracker so you can start working on it. The task will then disappear from your task list.


Do you want to start quickly with a video call? View the instructions here(Opens in new window).

Under 'Contact' you will find an overview of all conversations you have in the platform. You can recognize unread messages by the 'Unread' tags.

You can start a new conversation with a linked therapist or a friend by clicking 'Start Conversation'; to click. You can also send messages in an existing conversation.

A conversation with no messages will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Conversation functions

In the text area you can type and send messages. It is also possible to send an attachment (max. 10 MB per attachment; max. 40 MB per message). If you are the owner of the conversation (you started the conversation) you can:

  • give the message a subject
  • add or remove participants from a conversation
  • start a video call
  • send an attachment

Not every organization has the option of video calling. So you may not see this button.


You may be invited to a group conversation with other clients. You will not see the name of the other participants. They also cannot see your name. Before joining the conversation you will be asked to enter a nickname. This nickname should not be too similar to your own name.

You can also change your screen name and nickname in your settings.

Video calling

Not every organization offers the option of video calling. In that case you will not see this feature available in your platform.
Do you want to know more about the video calling functionality? Have a look here.(Opens in new window)