Not every organization offers the option of video calling. In that case you will not see this feature available in your platform.

With video calling you can remotely have a safe conversation within the platform with your therapist. You can speak to your from your familiar home environment.

Video calls work best in the Chrome browser. For iPhone or iPad, you can use the Safari browser. With the Minddistrict app you can now make video calls!

Start a conversation

You can agree with your therapist that he/she/they is the one who initiates the conversation, to avoid confusion. If you want to start a conversation yourself, you can read the instructions below.

Video calling is part of the calling functionality in the platform. This is how you start a video call:

1. Click on 'Contact' or click on the conversation clouds of the person with whom you want to have a video call. You can start a new conversation or open an existing one.

2. Click on 'Start video call'.

3. Allow the browser to use the camera and microphone.

Are you experiencing problems with video calling? Check this page for solutions for video calling problems.(Opens in a new window)

The video call will open in a new tab. This gives you the option to use the Minddistrict platform in the other tab without affecting the video call. In addition to video calling, you can continue to send each other messages.

Video call functionalities

Video calling contains a number of functionalities. In a video call you can:

  • enlarge the screen
  • share your screen. 
  • turn your microphone on or off
  • turn your camera on or off
  • end the call
  • invite multiple participants (the caller is the conversation manager), up to 12

In addition, you can see which participants are in the conversation and whether they have their microphone on or off. A clock is built in so you can see how long the call is going on.