Minddistrict offers the possibility to involve a friend (or more) for your online treatment process. This could be, for example, a partner, a good friend or your parents. A friend can therefore be part of conversations in a secure environment. It is possible that the therapist will be invited to interviews.

Your therapist cannot see which relatives you have invited, to ensure your friend's privacy. If a friend is involved in a conversation, the therapist will see the preset screen name.

A friend has a selfhelp catalogue that they can use themselves with a number of selfhelp tools (if made available by the organization).

These tools, modules or diaries/trackers, cannot be viewed by anyone. Not by you but also not by a therapist. Nor can the friend can look into your account.

Create a friend account

You can create an account for a friend via the homepage.

  1. Click the 'Invite a friend' button.
  2. Enter the person's name and email address.
  3. The person you add will now receive an email to log in.
  4. You can now start a conversation with him/her/they (and possibly your therapist).

Remove a friend account

Do you want to remove a friend from your network? Then click on the cross (to the right of the name) and confirm. He or she will then no longer be able to send you messages. Previously sent messages will be saved. You can find them via 'Contact'. The friend will receive an email when you have removed the friend account from your network.

Your friends' account will not be deleted when you remove your friend from your network. Only the contact between the accounts is severed. The friend retains the account. This allows the friend to continue using the self-help tools.
Do you want the friend back in your network? Then you can re-create the account (with the same email address). Your accounts are then connected again.