On this page you will find information about the profile and preferences in the web platform. Do you want to know more about the profile and settings in the app? Look on this page where you can edit your profile in the Minddistrict app.(Opens in new window)

Want to change your preferences? Or do you want to log in to the app with your QR code? Click on 'Profile' in the top right corner to unfold the menu. Via 'Profile' can you:

  • view your profile
  • view and change your preferences
  • view the introduction page
  • log in to the app using the QR code
  • indicate whether you want to be visible or not
  • log out


You will see your account details (name, email address, etc.) here. You will also find the history of your account under your profile. For example, you can see when you started a module.

Is the data incorrect or do you want to change data? You can request this from your therapist or organisation.


Via 'Preferences' you can change the following:

  • Profile photo
  • Password
  • Conversation Notifications
  • Task reminder
  • Screen name and nickname
  • Two-step authentication (this functionality is not available by default)
  • Language settings (this functionality is not available by default)
Tip: Think you're getting too many emails? You can adjust the number. Read here how you can do this easily.(Opens in new window) Please note: not all email notifications can be turned off. When your therapist has prepared a new module or a questionnaire is ready for you, you will receive a message about this via email.

Authorized devices

If you use the Minddistrict app, you can see which devices are logged in.

Under 'Authorized devices' you see an overview of the phones or tablets with which you have logged in to the Minddistrict app. If you have lost your phone or tablet, you can choose ‘revoke device’ here in the menu. This will log you out of the app. Very safe!

You can log in again with your email address and password on another phone or tablet. Or of course on the same device, if you found it again.

Log in with QR-code

In this part of the menu you will find the QR code with which you can easily log in to the minddistrict app. You open the app on your phone, scan the QR code from the menu, and you are immediately logged in.


If you are logged in to the web platform, you can tell by the green circle around your profile picture. For example, people with whom you are linked (such as your care provider) can see that you are online. Do you want to be logged in, but don't want this to be visible? Then set your profile to ‘not visible’. The circle will then turn gray in color.

Log out

Click on ‘log out’ in the menu, you will be immediately logged out of the platform. We advise you to always log out when you are done for the moment. This way you can be sure that no one else can look into your account.