You can find the same menu items in the Minddistrict app as you do when you log in via your broswer. The layout is slightly different but the information is the same.


On the homepage you will find your modules, diaries/trackers and action plans.

Not all tools are suitable for the Minddistrict app. It is therefore possible that you do not see tools in the app, but via the web. Do you still want to work on such a tool from your mobile phone or tablet? Then log in via a browser on your phone or tablet.


In the catalog you will find selfhelp modules and diaries/trackers. Would you like to get started yourself? Then you can choose and start one or more online modules or diaries/trackers here. You then follow it without the guidance of your therapist.


Under 'Contact' you will find an overview of all conversations you had. You can easily recognize messages that you have not read yet. They have a label ‘Unread’.

You can start a new conversation by clicking the ‘Write icon’ in the top right corner. After this you choose a related therapist or friend to start the conversation. Of course you can also send a message in an existing conversation.

If you are the owner of a conversation, you can give the conversation a subject or change the subject. You can also add or remove participants from the conversation. You are the manager of the conversation if you started it yourself, for example.

Profile and preferences

In your profile, you will see your account details (name, e-mail address, etc.) under 'Details'. Are your details incorrect or do you want to change them? You can ask your therapist or organisation to do this  for you.

You also find here an overview of all your pages that you have marked as favourites. Want to know more about the favourites function? Read more on this supportpage.(Opens in new window)

In addition, you can see the app's settings within your profile. To see this, click on the settings icon in the top right corner. In the settings, you can:

  • change your PIN

  • turn notifications on or off
  • read the terms of use
  • read the privacy policyread information about the app and find the app version number

  • log out