Video calling allows you to have a remote, secure conversation within the platform with your therapist. You can talk to your therapist from your familiar home environment.

Are you going to use the video calling withing the Minddistrict app for the first time? Then take a look here for a detailed instruction video.(Opens in a new window)
Your healthcare provider may not offer video calling as an option in the platform.

It is possible to video call with your therapist via the Minddistrict app. Only the therapist can initiate the call, you as a cliënt cannot. When the therapist calls you, you can answer or decline using the green and red icons that appear on the screen. You will get a pop-up notification when you are logged into the app:

If you logged into the app in Minddistrict, the application is running in the background. You will still receive the pop-up notification, even though you didn't open the app on your screen:

Did you answer the videocall? Next, the Minddistrict app ask your permission to use the camera and microphone. Click on 'OK' to allow this. When you are in a videocall, you'll see three different icons. On the bottom left, you see a microphone. This is your own microphone which you can turn on/off by clicking on it. You can end the call by clicking on the red button in the middle. You can turn on/off your own camera by clicking on the camera in the right bottom corner. In the upper left corner, you will see a small crossed-out microphone-icon. This icon appears when your conversation partner has his/her microphone turned off. If your conversation partner has the microphone turned on, nothing is visible in the left upper corner.

Note! To receive the pop-up notification, it is necessary to be logged in to the app. Read instructions on how to log in to the Minddistrict app here.(Opens in new window) It's sufficient to have the app on in the background to receive the pop-up notification.