As a user of a website or online application, you want your data to be in safe hands. 

In this article, we answer a number of frequently asked questions about data security. 

"Is my data safe with Minddistrict?"

Yes. Minddistrict has taken strict security measures to protect all data and the privacy of our users. More information can be read in the security statement. Also check out the blog of Doctor eHealth on our website. He explains in an accessible way how exactly everything works regarding security. He also explains what you as a user can do to protect your online data properly.  

"Do third parties have access to my data? For example, can researchers access my data? Or even worse: commercial parties?"

Your personal data and the anonymous information we use for analysis, are not shared with, or resold to third parties. Only some Minddistrict employees and your care provider have access to your data. Minddistrict employees have access to your account in exceptional situations (for example, if your account needs to be deleted). None of the data in our platform is used for research or other purposes.

"Who oversees Minddistrict? Who monitors you?"

Minddistrict adheres to the European privacy laws, the GDRP. The personal data authorities have the power to check and request evidence at all times.