As a user of a website or online application, you want your data to be in safe hands. Read more about the safety of the Minddistrict platform and what happens with the data.

Platform security

Minddistrict has taken strict security measures to protect all data and the privacy of our users. More information can be found in the security statement.(Opens in new window)(Opens in a new window)

Monitoring Minddistrict

Minddistrict adheres to European privacy legislation, the GDPR. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has the power to check this at all times and to request evidence for this.

What happens to my personal data and data?

As a user of an online website or application, you have the right to know what happens to your personal data and data. Minddistrict explains this in a privacy statement. You will be presented with this privacy statement when you log in to the Minddistrict platform for the first time. You can always find the privacy statement later in the footer of your platform.

Minddistrict and your healthcare provider

Minddistrict is the developer of the Minddistrict platform, the Minddistrict app and the tools (modules, diaries, etc.) that are offered within the product. Your healthcare provider purchases these ehealth products from Minddistrict. Minddistrict is therefore an ehealth supplier to your healthcare provider.

Because Minddistrict is the legal owner of the ehealth platform you use, we take care of protecting your personal data and privacy. We do this in line with European privacy legislation; the GDPR.

Your healthcare provider owns the data. Do you want to know how your healthcare provider handles your data? Request the privacy statement of your healthcare provider.

Personal data

Personal data is all data that can be used to identify you. For example: your telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, or simply your name.

With this information, an account can be created for you so that you can work on the platform and in the app. You need this account, for example, to use the tools (modules, diaries, etc.) and to communicate with your care provider. In addition, we use anonymized data for analysis. We use this information to improve Minddistrict's services and to make the platform work properly.

We never analyze personal or medical data. All data in the platform is automatically disconnected from you as a person and bundled. After that, we actually do nothing but count: how often is a module used on average? And how often in combination with a diary?

A full description of which data we use for which purposes can be found in our privacy statement.

Access to personal data and data

Within Minddistrict, some IT employees can access (parts of) data in your account. These employees have a duty of confidentiality. Other employees have no access to your data at all. The people who can get access can only do so if they have a specific and approved reason to do so, for example if someone wants their account deleted.

Your personal data and the anonymized data that we use for our analyzes are not shared with or sold on to third parties. None of the data in our platform is used for research or other purposes.

Retention period of personal data and data

We keep your data for as long as your organization uses our platform. Your organization has the option to deactivate your account. You will then no longer be able to log in, but your data will be saved (the deactivation can be undone). When you request deletion of your data, all your data will be permanently deleted from our servers, including the conversations you had with your counselor.

If you do not request deletion of your account yourself, your data will be permanently deleted from our servers after the statutory retention period has expired. This may differ per country or organization. You can request the retention period from your healthcare organization.

Do you want your account deleted? Submit a removal request to your care provider or the organization where you are being treated. Read here about the procedure for deleting your account(Opens in new window).

Storage of personal data and data

The data from our product is stored at Intermax, our hosting partner, in Rotterdam. Intermax stores data securely (they are ISO 27001 certified) and ensures that the data is always available for you to use in the platform.

Cookies are used to use the Minddistrict application. These are only strictly necessary cookies to be able to log in, for example. The Minddistrict application does not use cookies for marketing, analysis or preferences, which allow us to identify you as a user or store additional information about you.

When you log into the platform you will be asked to accept these necessary cookies. If you want to know more about the cookie policy, you can click on the link 'Cookie statement'.

Do you still have questions about Minddistrict's privacy statement after reading this article? Feel free to send an email to and we'll answer your questions!