The Minddistrict platform is fully responsive and, therefore, works in laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In order to make the best use of the Minddistrict product, we recommend that you meet the minimum system requirements. The Minddistrict product is dynamic, so the specifications can change. If you want to get the latest information on these specifications, please contact the Minddistrict service desk.

To use the Minddistrict platform you need:

  • Internet connection
  • Hardware: A desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We do not have minimal hardware specifications. Minddistrict and the Minddistrict app work best on modern devices that are not older than 5 years, with a preference for devices that are not older than 3 years.
  • Software: As long as the saftey of use can be guaranteed, we support the software. It varies by operating system which version is currently recommended. 
  • Browsers: We only support recent browsers. As soon as a supplier of a browser no longer supports its own version, we follow this and will no longer support that version either. This is for security reasons, no longer supported browser versions can be unsafe. The browsers we support are:
    - Google Chrome (versions that are stable and safe)
    - Firefox (versions that are stable and safe)
    - Microsoft Edge (versions that are stable and safe)
    - Safari on MacOS (versions that are stable and safe)
    Want to know which version is safe and stable? Here is an up-to-date overview of the recent and still safe versions of the above browsers.(Opens in new window) (This page is not a Minddistrict page but is an initiative of web designers and webmasters of various websites who maintain this page).
  • Minddistrict app: The Minddistrict app s suitable for iOS and Android.