You have an account but you want to have it deleted. You are entitled to this according to GDPR legislation. You can submit a removal request to your therapist or to the organization where they work.

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When your account is deleted, all data (all data in the modules, including feedback from your therapist, diaries and conversations) will be permanently deleted. This is an irreversible action. Once the account has been deleted, the account and data cannot be recovered.

The procedure for deleting your account

Your healthcare organization provides an anonymized ID of your account to the Minddistrict service desk. If the service desk has received the ID, it will ask for confirmation of the deletion request. Deleting an account is an irreversible action. As soon as the service desk receives the confirmation, the request will be processed within 5 working days. Your healthcare organization will receive a confirmation if the account has been deleted.

You can help your therapist or healthcare organization and provide the anonymized platform ID of your account in advance. To do this, you need to log in to the web via a browser. You will then find the ID in the URL (web address). You can copy and pass on the web address. Your therapist can also see and pass on this ID if they do not receive it from you.