As the user of an online website or application, you have the right to know what happens to your personal information and data. Minddistrict explains this in a privacy statement. This privacy statement will be presented to you when you log into the Minddistrict platform for the first time. You can also always find the privacy statement in your platform later. 

In this article, we answer a number of frequently asked questions about personal information and data. 

"What is personal information?"

Personal information is all information that can be used to identify you. Think of your telephone number, date of birth, email address, or simply your name, for example.

"What does Minddistrict do with my information?"

We use your information to create an account for you so that you can work in the platform and in the app. You need this account, for example to use the content (modules, diaries etc.) and to communicate with your therapist. In addition, we use anonymized data for analysis.

A complete description of what information we use for what purposes can be found in our privacy statement. You can find the privacy statement in the platform. 

"What information is being analyzed and why?"

We never analyze personal data or medical data. All data in the platform is automatically anonymized and then bundled. After that, we do nothing but counting: how often is a training used on average? And how often in combination with a diary? 

We use this information to improve the service provided by Minddistrict and to make the platform work properly. 

"Is my personal data safe during analysis?"

Yes. First, the data is anonymized. This means that they are stripped of all personal details. This 'raw' data is then transferred to another, also secured data server where the analysis takes place. It is therefore never possible to accidentally analyze personal data. 

"Who can see my data?"

Within Minddistrict, some IT staff and the Service Desk can access (some) data in your account. Other employees do not have access to your data at all. The people who can gain access can only do so if they have a specific and approved reason, for example if someone wants to have their account removed. 

"For how long will my personal data be stored?"

We keep your data as long as you use our platform. When you request removal of your data, all your data will be permanently deleted form our servers, including the conversations you had with your care provider. 

If you do not request deletion of your account, your data will be permanently deleted from our servers 15 years after you were last active in your account.

"How can I have my Minddistrict account/data deleted?"

You have the right to have your data removed. Remember that in that case your entire account will be deleted, including all the data stored therein. This action cannot be undone. Do you want your account to be deleted? Ask the provider or organization that gave you this account. 

"Where is my data stored?"

The data from our product is stored at Intermax, our hosting partner, in Rotterdam. Intermax stores data securely (they are ISO 27001 certified) and makes sure that it is always available to you to use in the platform.

"I don't want my personal data to be analyzed or shared with anyone."

The data we analyze is always anonymized; from this data it is never possible to find out who you are. We do not share this information with others. 

"If my path ends soon, can I still get my data? "

Yes, you will still have access to your data, unless the therapist/care provider deactivates your account. Your data has not yet been deleted. The definitive deletion of data happens when you have not logged in for 15 years, or if you have previously requested the deletion of your data. 

Do you still have questions about Minddistrict's privacy statement after reading this article? Please send an email to and we will answer your questions!