If you are using the Minddistrict platform, you have access to it through a (healthcare) organization. 

In this article, we explain - on the basis of a number of frequently asked questions - what Minddistrict is and what the relationship is between Minddistrict and your (healthcare) organization.

"What is Minddistrict?"

Minddistrict develops ehealth products and delivers these ehealth products to (healthcare) organizations. Minddistrict itself does not provide healthcare directly. 

"What is the relationship between Minddistrict and my healthcare provider?"

Minddistrict is the developer of the Minddistrict platform, the app and content (modules, diaries, etc.) that is offered within the product. Your healthcare provider receives these ehealth products from Minddistrict. Minddistrict is, thus, an ehealth provider for your healthcare organization. 

Because Minddistrict is the legal owner of the ehealth platform you use, we provide protection for your personal information and privacy. We do this in line with the European privacy laws; the GDPR. 

"What does Minddistrict do with my personal information?"

In our privacy statement we explain exactly what happens to your data. You can find the privacy statement in your Minddistrict platform. In addition, we explain this in the article Personal information and data even further.