It's possible that you have the option to video call within the Minddistrict platform. In this case, you can have secure video conversations with your contacts within Minddistrict.

Not every organization offers the option to video call. In this case, you won't see this functionality in your platform. 

Video calling offers the following options:

  • Starting a video call conversation (with a contact that is also online)
  • Planning a video call conversation

Video calling for the first time

If you're going to video call for the first time, you'll see a message saying that the video call software needs to be installed on your computer or mobile phone. Follow the instructions to install Vidyo Desktop (computer) or Vidyo Mobile (mobile phone). This takes several seconds to minutes. After that you can start a video call conversation immediately. 

Do you prefer installing this program beforehand?

Follow the instructions on Please keep in mind that you can start a video call conversation only from the Minddistrict platform.