Within Minddistrict you can send messages to your contacts and receive messages from them. This is possible via both the web browser and the Minddistrict app. Moreover, you can invite multiple contacts to a conversation.

Receive a message

When you received a new message you will see a purple icon in your contact menu. Click on it to open the message and respond. 

Sending a message

This is how you send a message:

  1. Click on 'Start conversation' next to the contact that you would like to send a message to
  2. Add a subject title to the conversation (optional)
  3. Write the first message in the conversation

In the contact menu you can also find old conversations and you can react to them.

A conversation with multiple participants

This is how you add participants to a conversation:

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Click on the 'participants' icon (see image)
  3. Click on 'add participants' 
  4. Select which contacts you want to add and confirm

Note! You can only add participants to a conversation that you've started yourself.