You start a video conversation from your Minddistrict platform. To be able to use the video call functionality, you need the VidyoDesktop program (or VidyoMobile if you are using a tablet or smartphone). Before the first time that you use video calling you need to install this program first. You will see the instructions for this automatically on your screen.

Not every organization uses video calling within the Minddistrict platform. If this feature is not available, then you won't see this option.  

Below you find an overview of frequently experienced problems with video calling. And what you can do about them. 


The quality of the internet connection is not high enough. The picture gets stuck.

If possible, use a cable network as much as possible and turn off the wireless connection.
The computer works very slowly.
  • The computer uses the battery. This lowers the performance and video quality. Connect the computer/laptop to a power outlet. 
  • The power scheme of the computer is not set properly. If possible, set it to 'High performance'. This will improve performance and video quality. 
  • If you use a USB hub to connect your devices (camera, microphone) to your computer, it can slow down performance. Connect these devices via a USB port of your computer directly, instead of via the USB hub. 
  • The software may not be up to date. Make sure that you have the most recent drivers (such as the last DirectX video driver, if you are a Windows user) for the peripheral device that you use for video calling, such as your camera, microphone, etc.
The connection of VidyoMobile on your smartphone or other mobile device does not perform well.
You can use wireless internet, but the 3G or 4G network of the mobile device might work better in this case.

Picture problems

I do see something but do not a good picture.
Go to the Vidyo configuration, select 'devices' and the right camera. Currently, mobile phones often have 2 cameras.
Another program already uses the webcam.
Close the other program; your webcam can be active for only 1 program at the same time.
The driver for the webcam is missing.
Install the right drivers. Restart the computer after you've installed the software and drivers for a new webcam.  

Sound problems

The sound doesn't work (it worked just fine before).
Is it possible that you called with a headset before? The video program (Vidyo) saves all settings that you made last. This means that if you use a headset, the setting will change as well and will be saved. If you want to video call without a headset the next time, you can change these settings again. Go to the configuration of Vidyo, select 'devices' and the right speakers.