You can use Minddistrict via your internet browser but also as an app. This can be very convenient. For example, 

if you are sitting on the train and would like to do a short exercise on the go. 

Or if you want to keep a diary on a daily basis. With the app, you can access Minddistrict everywhere and anytime. 

Minddistrict keeps adding more functionalities to the app. Not all features are available in the app yet. 

What is possible already now? 

  • View and fill in your diary 
  • Send messages 
  • Start self-help modules or diaries from the catalogue  
  • Make modules (unfortunately, not all modules; only modules that have been developed specifically for the app) 

Where can I find the Minddistrict App? 

Available for Android and iOS. Search for 'Minddistrict' in the Google Play Store or App Store.